Friday, January 11, 2013

Burning Desire

Burning Desire is about the burning sensation you have deep inside when you desire something or someone with so much passion, you think you will go crazy. But the feeling grows and you start to get use to the burning feeling of desire exploding within you, let go and surrender to the feeling, the inevitable desire.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Butterfly Tree

New Painting ~ "Butterfly Tree" ♥
Butterfly Tree is about living in the present moment of life and allowing yourself be filled up by the magical feeling & invisible presence of nature. Don't forget about nature and it's magic when our lives become too busy to care.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Mirree's Artworks & Latest News!

Hi Everyone,

Keeping you informed about Mirree's Artworks as they are still going strong and making more of an impact this year as new creations are on the horizon with a few shows planned throughout 2013. With her long-awaited permanent studio now in Wellington in NSW, her works can be viewed in person & purchased at the Vegetarian "Sprout Cafe" on 43 Macquarie St in Dubbo NSW.
We have also moved to a much better Ebay site online where you can purchase directly from the Artist herself with Small to Large ORIGINAL paintings here: ART by Mirree
 We have a few auctions on alot of the Artworks with the Larger Paintings ending soon and up to 50% off.
I'd love for you all to keep up-to-date with Mirree's Artworks as shes now on facebook here: informing everyone of her latest paintings & up-and-coming Exhibitions, with the latest one to be launched late February at "Kimbell's Kitchen & Old Bakery Cafe" on 44 Warne St in Wellington, NSW.

If you'd like us to send you an invitation please reply to this email with your Name & Address and we will put you in our catalog, in the meantime enjoy the latest Artworks by Mirree.

P.S. Our contact details are below, with more news coming soon, have a great week & we'd love to hear from you soon!

'Art by Mirree'

'I paint to express feeling with bright colors and nature as my muse.'