Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mirree in Miami December 2013

As of today it is now official : Mirree has received enough votes to go to Miami this December to expose her Art once again to the world.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported me over the past month to get the 100 votes needed, I am privileged to have another opportunity like this to show the world my works.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Butterfly Free by Mirree

Butterfly Free is about the movement through the four stages of cycle, now an Adult ready to break free and fly high.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

-->Enjoy my paintings everyone & feel free to leave me a message, I love to hear from you!

Hope your day was brighter with the Butterflies of new life that are awaiting you.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sacred Healing Waters by Mirree

"Sacred Healing Waters"

Contemporary Aboriginal Art. This Artwork is about the waters that surround the areas of the hills where I use to live in the Hawkesbury area of NSW in Australia.

There are many sacred sites and sites throughout Australia that sacred healing water reside in.
This represents the flow of healing water of life nourishing all plant life.

Sacred Water is water that has not been touched by sunlight and considered to be very Sacred amongst Aboriginal people. Waters such as these were often used for women's ceremonies and sacred initiations amongst people in the tribe. Although now many have been impacted due to economical development, these sites are to remain as they have been found because they renew the energy and life force of the area and nourish many animals, wildlife & plant life.

My only wish is that these areas throughout Australia become protected so that they may continue to nourish our spirits and the many wildlife and plants that they surround, because they are truly a treasure to experience in their most sacredness and deserve our most considered attention and care.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

-->Enjoy my paintings everyone & feel free to leave me a message, I love to hear from you!

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Hope your day was brighter with the Healing Waters of new life that are awaiting you.

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Kangaroo Tracks

"Journey of the Red Kangaroo"

I like to portray movement, connectedness and unity in my Artworks.

The Red Kangaroo is the biggest of the kangaroos and is the largest mammal native to Australia. The Red Kangaroo is found across the mainland in most states of Australia.

This Artwork is a snap shot of color & time within the movement of the Red Kangaroos journey and the important connection it has with the cycles of the sun.

The central circle is the symbol of the sun with the color of the Red Kangaroo.  As the sun goes down & the sun comes up: these are the Kangaroos most active times of the day, this is where they begin their journey to adapt to better conditions for favorable feeding grounds, sometimes covering distances of up 25-30 kilometers here in New South Wales.

The wavy lines at the bottom are the journey tracks and the lines above represent the creation story.

The concentrated circles are the energy of its movement and the rainbow is its connection to the sun.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

-->Enjoy my paintings everyone & feel free to leave me a message, I love to hear from you!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sun Woman Dreaming

"Sun Woman Dreaming"
Sun Women Dreaming is about the balance, energy and warmth of the sun.

Surrounding the middle concentric circles above are 4 woman that are sitting down represented by the blue horseshoe shapes, followed by the golden mean/fibonacci spirals which all connect through the healing energy & warmth of the sun. These sacred symbols are often seen within nature.
As we all know the sun gives life, warmth & growth, I like seeing these woman as elders as they keep the balance & knowledge of the universal spirit that is in part made up of the energy & warmth of the sun.
The ancestors are part of the solar energy of the sun, this connection brings clarity by illuminating the mind. Feel the warmth of the sun through a calm blue sky & allow the ancestors to guide you into a transformation of mind.

My works are created with the intention of the Artwork being used for Meditation purposes if one should want to use it in this way. I meditate on a daily basis & my spirituality is an integral part & process to all my works. Sometimes the inspiration for my works can be very abstract and come from an idea, passing thought or something that I've seen or felt within nature. The most important thing to me is that they connect you to the Universal spirit of life that runs through each and every one of us, all life and the dreamtime of creation. I am deeply passionate about getting these messages across through my works assisting people to further open their eyes to the magical wonders of nature and the universe. I hope you will feel and experience this through my works.

Enjoy my paintings everyone!

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart Flame

"Heart Flame"


Heart Flame is about the opening of the heart to change to create better experiences, new ones and the release of the old. There is believed to be a spiritual Sacred Flame within the heart that is made up of the colors blue, yellow & pink: I used these colors to portray the hidden depths and nature of the 3 fold flame of the Heart, as it becomes activated a huge shift within self becomes awakened and life-changing events can occur for those who are aware of the self. I meditate everyday and have studied many healing modalities throughout the course of my painting career which began when I was 15, now 35 my Artworks contain a high level of clarity, healing and spiritual energy, this aspect is very important to me, contributing to my ever-changing growth and I believe this spiritual energy shines through within my paintings and Artworks.
Below is the flame as seen within the sacred chamber of the heart.

This painting is at the very core of the flame up close & personal, as the energy becomes activated, the heart moves and dances with color, permeating out throughout your entire being, creating a powerful shift and spreading out for all that is within the energy of its movement.
This painting is my emotional response to a healing & activation I received in relation to the heart.
A very beautiful piece to cherish within the home.
These pieces are one-offs and cannot be recreated to contain the same energy, they can however be created to suit and reflect the individual colors of your life.
Whatever you choose at the time will communicate something that only the owner can interpret from deep within the self, relating to them through the painting.
I also do similar versions of this one only that it is called Bush Dreaming. Bush Dreaming is for another story but in short version represents the energy and colors of the rainbow serpents movement within the land. Theses ones I currently have available.

I have heard many stories from people that relate to the meanings for them and I always love hearing them, so if you have your story to share, please I'd love to hear it, because in doing so we can help each other.

Enjoy my paintings everyone!

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Night Owl

"Night Owl & Day Owl"

Well I don't often tell anyone about the story of the White Owl because some people get freaked out or scared by it's meaning, but it holds great significance to me, because it reminds me of my Nan.

About 3-4 years ago I was teaching at the Yurauna Centre at the Canberra Institute of Technology and I would pass Sydney often where my Mum lives.
She mentioned to me 1 day that she kept seeing a White Owl in broad daylight sitting in a tree directly above her work in Campbelltown.

So I decided to investigate as I usually do and we were having a 'Welcome to Country' at the Centre in Canberra where I was working at the time, where Elder Aunty Agnes joined us.
I decided to ask her and she let me know the meaning of  'White Owl' being a messenger of death and that someone in the family was due to pass on, these are the stories that are connected to Ngunnawal Land in Canberra.
I immediately went back to my mother and told her, most people don't believe such stories, anyway within a few months my Nana died (My mothers Mum).

For a long time before this I use to see Owls alot in my travels around Australia, from these experiences I came to learn that the Owl is one of my totems, amongst others. Since my time in Canberra I have had many people come to me telling me of their experience of 'White Owl' especially family members.

I'd like to pay my respect to Aunty Agnes for sharing this story with me and the Aboriginal people of Ngunnawal Land in Canberra. I never paint the 'White Owl' only the meaning behind it and it's spiritual connection to the Land and it's people. I share these stories to you to give respect & honor to those who shared them with me & in doing so keep the spirit of Aboriginal Australia & it's people alive.

I'd love to hear your experience of 'White Owl', please feel free to share them with me here and I will --> endeavour to put them all on my website when it's finished.

 Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Dragonfly Swamp

"Dragonfly Dreaming & Dragonfly Swamp"
Dragonfly Swamp represents the very essence and habitat of the Dragonfly.
Dragonflies are mainly found in swamps, rivers, lakes and other wetlands throughout Australia, this is due to fact that the the female lays her spawn in these aquatic areas, spending most of it's life in insect larva (nymph) form beneath the water, it only lasts up to 6 months as a fully grown adult and are among the fastest flying insects in the world.

I love capturing the inner essence of an animal, it's spirit from within. I am fascinated by the rhythm and movement of these creatures, I hope that you feel this experience as I try to capture this in my paintings. We are very blessed to be able to experience 1st hand and up close these amazing creatures at this point in time of our evolution, in knowing that they still exist and are not yet extinct like many of the animals within Australia. Every single animal contributes to the natural balance and rhythm of the silenced heart-beat of Mother Earth, we should look after them as they continue to provide substance, support and rejuvenation of our spirits every time we make a conscious decision to walk amongst nature.

Just outside of Campbelltown where my mother lives there is an Aboriginal Reserve now a National Park, I use to go sit by the biggest & closest tree right by the swamp and sit for hours watching the movement of the 1000's of Dragonflies that belonged to that area, they would hover just above the surface of the water.
Even though it was many years ago now, I re-live this experience every time I paint a new Dragonfly spirit painting.

 Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Burning Desire

Burning Desire is about the burning sensation you have deep inside when you desire something or someone with so much passion, you think you will go crazy. But the feeling grows and you start to get use to the burning feeling of desire exploding within you, let go and surrender to the feeling, the inevitable desire.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Butterfly Tree

New Painting ~ "Butterfly Tree" ♥
Butterfly Tree is about living in the present moment of life and allowing yourself be filled up by the magical feeling & invisible presence of nature. Don't forget about nature and it's magic when our lives become too busy to care.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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Mirree's Artworks & Latest News!

Hi Everyone,

Keeping you informed about Mirree's Artworks as they are still going strong and making more of an impact this year as new creations are on the horizon with a few shows planned throughout 2013. With her long-awaited permanent studio now in Wellington in NSW, her works can be viewed in person & purchased at the Vegetarian "Sprout Cafe" on 43 Macquarie St in Dubbo NSW.
We have also moved to a much better Ebay site online where you can purchase directly from the Artist herself with Small to Large ORIGINAL paintings here: ART by Mirree
 We have a few auctions on alot of the Artworks with the Larger Paintings ending soon and up to 50% off.
I'd love for you all to keep up-to-date with Mirree's Artworks as shes now on facebook here: informing everyone of her latest paintings & up-and-coming Exhibitions, with the latest one to be launched late February at "Kimbell's Kitchen & Old Bakery Cafe" on 44 Warne St in Wellington, NSW.

If you'd like us to send you an invitation please reply to this email with your Name & Address and we will put you in our catalog, in the meantime enjoy the latest Artworks by Mirree.

P.S. Our contact details are below, with more news coming soon, have a great week & we'd love to hear from you soon!

'Art by Mirree'

'I paint to express feeling with bright colors and nature as my muse.'