Monday, November 5, 2012

Owl Dreaming

"Owl Dreaming" this ones a back and white version. Have you ever wondered what they represent, Owls are nocturnal and have excellent night vision, this enables them to see their prey from great distances away. The Owl is one of my totems and is a favorite of mine.

  Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

Is there anything you need to look at very closely (that may not be necessarily easy to find) that needs to expire or die in your life. It always helps me to re-valuate any situations, people or events in my life that no longer serve me. The Owl is a soulful bird that carries you through the transformation your about to make with dignity, pride and true character in plight. Don't take for granted what you cannot see in order to get a quick fix. Contact Mirree Louise Bayliss for more...

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