Monday, March 17, 2014

Movement of the Rainbow Serpent by Mirree

*The Story of its Movement - the Rainbow Serpent*

There lies an invisible force within nature, Creative, Healing & Pure, it travels through the land healing and rejuvenating the landscapes.

You cannot see it's colors as it is made of Clear, Pure light, but you can see its movement as it blends and melds within the landscape of its movement.

It's presence greatly resembles the healing rays of the sun as it effects all of life's creatures, the mountains, earth & river/waterway systems.

This artwork is a journey of creation, the process of Earths cycles, the rolling rhythms as it pulsates one with the heart of Mother Earth.

Aligning ourselves to these rhythms allows a process of deep healing to unravel within us, as we allow ourselves to surrender to the powerful healing energy of its movement within Mother Earth.

Hope your day was brighter with the Rainbow Serpent.

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