Sunday, December 20, 2015

Growing into Love this Christmas...

Only 3 Days left and we are doing the xmas count down...
today it is with "Growing into Love"!

Through our experiences we learn about love and how we can learn to receive and give more in balance. Sometimes our giving can be more than our receiving and this can cause imbalances in our love life.

"Growing into Love Mandala" helps us to find more balance and open ourselves up to the learning and understanding of what that love is so that our relationships are more in harmony with unconditional love & less destructive and harmful to ourselves.

Xmas is a brilliant time to harness this principle more to incorporate it into our everyday lives...I still have these Growing into Love mandala paintings and they are excellent for open-eye meditation and start from only $50...

Hope your day was brighter with "Growing with Love" giving you emotional nourishment & fulfilment !

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