Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What is Mandala Art, how does it relate to the dreamtime and how can it benefit you?

What is a Mandala & it’s significance?
The Mandala is a sacred geometrical design enclosed within a circle, representing the physical manifestation of spirit, the universe,
the self and the harmony & balance that lies deep within us all.
The term Mandala is a Sanskrit Hindu word meaning essence & completion, having spiritual significance amongst various traditions such as the Buddhism & Hinduism.
In the Aboriginal Dreamtime the circle represents
a meeting place and a time where everybody meets at a central location to come together and share precious moments and to perform sacred ceremony.

This particular practice is called Open-eye Meditation; used to establish a sacred space, helping us to feel safe & protected so we can centre & balance our energy in a loving environment.
Further instructions come when purchasing one of Mirree's paintings to assist with meditation, transformation & self healing.
Mirree used this particular practise to leave a destructive relationship of 14 years without any help from outside, the benefits are highly transformational and individual to the person & goals your trying to achieve.
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