Thursday, January 7, 2016

Medicine Woman by Mirree ~ What does it mean to go into Ceremony?

Going into Ceremony allows us to take a deeper look into ourselves and find out where we've gone wrong, we all have these stages in our lives. It's totally necessary to take this assessment time in order to understand these mistakes so that we can learn and when we do this we further enrich our lives and those of the people that are around or close to us. Ceremony gives us our "spirit" time, a place we can add to the growth of our heart & soul. This is the most important thing when we want to continue to move forward with our life, goals, family & personal development. This allows our spirit to recharge so that we can keep going.

So make sure to take the time out to allow for the letting go process, this will then allow for the healing to begin so that something more fulfilling can take up the wounded or abused space that your now beginning to heal.
So get ready to paint your body for ceremony.

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