Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dragonfly Dreaming by Mirree

Who wants to Dragonfly Dream & do you know which Dragonfly you are?
Every Sunday I will be going into depth into 1 animal, the Dragonfly is this weekend and the Turtle will be next.

“Dragonfly Swamp” ~ SLOW DOWN
Dragonflies are the fastest flying insects in the world.
So allow the rush of the flight to take you into unknown territories, never ventured before so that you may begin to gather pieces of your hidden world. Trust in this gift even though it feels hurried and unfamiliar. You are going through a metamorphosis in order to capture more light into areas that were previously unknown to you until now. You are currently in a cycle of transformation, slow down and embrace this time of change. This time will soon pass and when it does, you will be far stronger from the experience, be ready to awaken to the new you.

NEGATIVE: Scattered, Doubtful, Indecisive
POSITIVE: Freedom, Trust, Awaken

This is what these small paintings can provide you that contain Dragonfly, depending on their individual message. Meditation allows you to tap into the healing it will provide you, also through quiet spiritual contemplation.
Hope your day was brighter with the Dragonfly giving you an awakening!

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