Sunday, November 8, 2015

Who wants to Turtle Dream & do you know which Turtle you are?
Every Sunday I will be going into depth into 1 animal, the Turtle is this weekend and the Fiches will be next.

“Snake-Head Turtle with Lotus” ~ EMOTIONS

Also called the "Eastern long-necked Turtle" has a very long neck & looks very similar to that of a snake head, you will often see these Turtles on the road moving about from one water-hole to the next in areas such as NSW, QLD, VIC & SA.
You are swimming through an emotion of experience that will ultimately result in the development and growth of your soul. Trust in this process and let your emotions be your guide in the understanding of this power that lies deep within you. Allow yourself to recognize the true value of this power by coming out from underneath your shell and let it shine to be your greatest gift to the world. Don't ever be ashamed to acknowledge and share the wisdom of your true feelings.

NEGATIVE: Scared, Ashamed, Powerless
POSITIVE: Powerful, Emotional, Confidant

This is what these small paintings can provide you that contain Turtle, depending on their individual message. Meditation allows you to tap into the healing it will provide you, also through quiet spiritual contemplation.

Hope your day was brighter with the Turtle giving you emotional nourishment & fulfilment !

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