Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart Flame

"Heart Flame"


Heart Flame is about the opening of the heart to change to create better experiences, new ones and the release of the old. There is believed to be a spiritual Sacred Flame within the heart that is made up of the colors blue, yellow & pink: I used these colors to portray the hidden depths and nature of the 3 fold flame of the Heart, as it becomes activated a huge shift within self becomes awakened and life-changing events can occur for those who are aware of the self. I meditate everyday and have studied many healing modalities throughout the course of my painting career which began when I was 15, now 35 my Artworks contain a high level of clarity, healing and spiritual energy, this aspect is very important to me, contributing to my ever-changing growth and I believe this spiritual energy shines through within my paintings and Artworks.
Below is the flame as seen within the sacred chamber of the heart.

This painting is at the very core of the flame up close & personal, as the energy becomes activated, the heart moves and dances with color, permeating out throughout your entire being, creating a powerful shift and spreading out for all that is within the energy of its movement.
This painting is my emotional response to a healing & activation I received in relation to the heart.
A very beautiful piece to cherish within the home.
These pieces are one-offs and cannot be recreated to contain the same energy, they can however be created to suit and reflect the individual colors of your life.
Whatever you choose at the time will communicate something that only the owner can interpret from deep within the self, relating to them through the painting.
I also do similar versions of this one only that it is called Bush Dreaming. Bush Dreaming is for another story but in short version represents the energy and colors of the rainbow serpents movement within the land. Theses ones I currently have available.

I have heard many stories from people that relate to the meanings for them and I always love hearing them, so if you have your story to share, please I'd love to hear it, because in doing so we can help each other.

Enjoy my paintings everyone!

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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