Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sun Woman Dreaming

"Sun Woman Dreaming"
Sun Women Dreaming is about the balance, energy and warmth of the sun.

Surrounding the middle concentric circles above are 4 woman that are sitting down represented by the blue horseshoe shapes, followed by the golden mean/fibonacci spirals which all connect through the healing energy & warmth of the sun. These sacred symbols are often seen within nature.
As we all know the sun gives life, warmth & growth, I like seeing these woman as elders as they keep the balance & knowledge of the universal spirit that is in part made up of the energy & warmth of the sun.
The ancestors are part of the solar energy of the sun, this connection brings clarity by illuminating the mind. Feel the warmth of the sun through a calm blue sky & allow the ancestors to guide you into a transformation of mind.

My works are created with the intention of the Artwork being used for Meditation purposes if one should want to use it in this way. I meditate on a daily basis & my spirituality is an integral part & process to all my works. Sometimes the inspiration for my works can be very abstract and come from an idea, passing thought or something that I've seen or felt within nature. The most important thing to me is that they connect you to the Universal spirit of life that runs through each and every one of us, all life and the dreamtime of creation. I am deeply passionate about getting these messages across through my works assisting people to further open their eyes to the magical wonders of nature and the universe. I hope you will feel and experience this through my works.

Enjoy my paintings everyone!

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