Monday, February 25, 2013

Kangaroo Tracks

"Journey of the Red Kangaroo"

I like to portray movement, connectedness and unity in my Artworks.

The Red Kangaroo is the biggest of the kangaroos and is the largest mammal native to Australia. The Red Kangaroo is found across the mainland in most states of Australia.

This Artwork is a snap shot of color & time within the movement of the Red Kangaroos journey and the important connection it has with the cycles of the sun.

The central circle is the symbol of the sun with the color of the Red Kangaroo.  As the sun goes down & the sun comes up: these are the Kangaroos most active times of the day, this is where they begin their journey to adapt to better conditions for favorable feeding grounds, sometimes covering distances of up 25-30 kilometers here in New South Wales.

The wavy lines at the bottom are the journey tracks and the lines above represent the creation story.

The concentrated circles are the energy of its movement and the rainbow is its connection to the sun.

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