Monday, February 25, 2013

Sacred Healing Waters by Mirree

"Sacred Healing Waters"

Contemporary Aboriginal Art. This Artwork is about the waters that surround the areas of the hills where I use to live in the Hawkesbury area of NSW in Australia.

There are many sacred sites and sites throughout Australia that sacred healing water reside in.
This represents the flow of healing water of life nourishing all plant life.

Sacred Water is water that has not been touched by sunlight and considered to be very Sacred amongst Aboriginal people. Waters such as these were often used for women's ceremonies and sacred initiations amongst people in the tribe. Although now many have been impacted due to economical development, these sites are to remain as they have been found because they renew the energy and life force of the area and nourish many animals, wildlife & plant life.

My only wish is that these areas throughout Australia become protected so that they may continue to nourish our spirits and the many wildlife and plants that they surround, because they are truly a treasure to experience in their most sacredness and deserve our most considered attention and care.

Copyright © by Mirree and all rights reserved by the Artist.

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