Thursday, October 8, 2015

Currawong ~ Ghosts from the Past by Mirree

Are you afraid to feel... what is the past showing you? Currawong with show you the way...
Currawong - Memories/Ghosts from the Past 

The Currawong teaches us about lessons from the Past. Is something re-occuring in our life to show us something we may have missed from before. Well the Currawong is here to show us what that might be. Currawong doesn't muck about, it hops from one area to another, constantly on the move to find what it needs and always in most cases forsaking themselves and others in there stride to get there. This is not the way to overcome a situation and will only result in the ghosts to be even more felt & heard. They eat mainly worms, ants and beetles, also taking baby birds & eggs from their nests & stealing from other birds in order to gain for themselves. They are responsible for spreading 'Asparagus Fern' which originated from Africa. They are the masters of spreading weeds about. A powerful bird indeed with a powerful message for us all.

Hope your day was more meaningful with Currawong.

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