Sunday, October 11, 2015

Platypus Dreamings by Mirree

Who wants to Platypus Dream & do you know which Platypus you are?

The New Moon is nearly upon us and an excellent time to take into action the advice from Platypus, follow your instincts & you'll know what to do.
Every Sunday I will be going into depth into 1 animal, beginning with the Butterflies last weekend, featuring the Platypus this weekend and the Wren next weekend.


Because the Platypus is so closely linked to the Life Cycle, it is a beautiful & loving creature that has dominion over the water and mud elements, due to it's masterful ability to forage for food with it's powerful duck like bill. It finds everything it requires for continual nourishment, being one of the few venous mammals, which has a small defensive mechanism on the males ankle designed to kill small animals & causing severe harm to humans.

So with all this in mind, it is a very similar to our own lives in that, we need to retreat when we feel our energy is low or we feel weak or threatened. This is our bodies natural communication ability telling us that something is not right and we need to take the time out in order to understand what it it that is causing us to feel this drain.

So taking advantage of the cycles of the moon is an ideal time to maximise our natural ability to know the answers & letting go for spiritual release.
Nature is the best antidote for revealing pressure, tension, depression & stress. So allow the Platypus to help you find your way back to yourself in nature and let the moonlight guide you. Cleanse your spiritual energy by spending sometime near water this weekend to rejuvenate, cleanse and connect with your spirit. Use whatever plants and herbs to also assist in your cleansing & this will ideally bring to light your current challenge to solve.

This is what these small paintings can provide you that contain Platypus, depending on their individual message. Meditation allows you to tap into the healing it will provide you, also through quiet spiritual contemplation.

Hope your day was brighter with Platypus protector that is awaiting for you to uncover !

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