Saturday, October 10, 2015

Crimson Rosella ~ Love Birds by Mirree

Are you still learning what love is? Crimson Rosella is teaching us...
Crimson Rosella – Love Birds

The Crimson Rosella teaches about the lessons of love. Sometimes in life due to our past experiences or even harsh negative experiences from childhood, we are still in learning what love is. This applies to every relationship, but more importantly to close relationships involving 2 people.
In this painting though there is only 1 Crimson Rosella, which is telling you that the relationship to yourself and the love that is coming from yourself is vital to any other love relationship you maybe having or are currently involved in or want to be having in the near future. It is through the love we give to ourself that we will be able to come to an understanding of what love is & what we require in a relationship and this includes what we give to another.
Here is the Crimson Rosella is pictured with the native flowering plant 'Common Myrtle', also grown in Europe, Africa & Asia.

Hope your day was brighter with the Crimson Rosella!

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