Friday, October 16, 2015

Blue Butterfly Breakthrough by Mirree

Another Butterfly Painting for a client I just recently finished.

“Blue Butterfly Breakthrough”

The Butterfly relates to the death cycle to make way for more light, healing, movement & transformation. These Butterflies will only arrive once the old is releasing and healing is now coming through, your on the verge of something new, the Butterfly will show you the way! But only within the depth of your own heart, if you listen enough to know. Access this the energy of your own heart by going through the central heart of this healing picture where you will uncover the parts of your hidden self that are ready to heal & giving you the advice you need to know for further transformation.The Blue Butterflies enable you further protection in order to go deeper into the challenge you want to breakthrough.

Hope your day was brighter with Blue Butterfly that is awaiting for you !

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