Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wren Dreamings by Mirree

Who wants to Wren Dream & do you know which Wren you are?
Every Sunday I will be going into depth into 1 animal, the Wren is this weekend and the Owl will be next.


The Wren has a distinct high pitched call that they use as their main communication and it through the sound of this call that our vibration is lifted when we take the time to venture outside in nature. Wrens are usually found in most places in a variety of dense & domestic gardens. So allow your heart to feel the vibration through the sounds & colours within nature. Love is the purest and most highest vibration that heals, up-lifting your soul. Allow nature to up-lift you by seeking safe refuge as your heart listens to the sounds, calling you home to your very own personal & spiritual sanctuary, this resides deep within the heart that burns within you. Can you hear it's call?

POSITIVE: Divine Love, Peace, Spiritual Home
NEGATIVE: Hatred, Anger, Darkness

This is what these small paintings can provide you that contain Wren, depending on their individual message. Meditation allows you to tap into the healing it will provide you, also through quiet spiritual contemplation.

Hope your day was brighter with Blue Wren !

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